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FITOKIO Luxury Fitness Gym / Hot LAVA Studio in Bangsar, KL

the premium mind+body fitness gym/studio from Japan, located in Bangsar, KL.

We offer a
relaxing sanctuary to help you as our guest, regain your true colors with
Omotenashi (Japanese-style hospitality) service.

We take
special care in maintaining clean and safe environment to Japanese standard by
disinfecting all areas after every use, ventilation throughout to ensure fresh
air at all times.

Hot LAVA Studio

We’d love
for people in Malaysia to experience our luxurious facilities, especially our original
hot lava stone studio class which is 1st and only in Malaysia.

Benefits of LAVA stone

Our lave stone
floor contains more than 30 types of minerals that is heated up to 38℃ to promote detox from within. You
will feel like just came out of Japanese hot spring after just one session.

LED light therapy
and Infrared rays

LED light
therapy helps to relieve pain and morning stiffness in people with arthritis
and improve joint health in people with osteoporosis.

Infrared rays
helps to improve circulation, lower side effects of diabetes, weight loss,
boosting the immune system and lowering blood pressure.

Varieties of classes

We also have
many varieties of classes available. We have multiple yoga class, Pilates,
barre, Tabata sweat, HIIT, Zumba and more!

Personal Training

We also have
a private personal training in FITOKIO.

 Customized plans

We provide the best
training plan to customers based on their health, condition and fitness goals.

 Experienced Trainers

We have
experienced Japanese and local personal trainers.  We also have a nutrition program to support
their diet as well.

luxury gym

 Unlike other general fitness gyms, we provide personal
training in private space with luxurious facilities (Max 3 people per slot)

We would
like to bring our Japanese expertise to benefit you.

If you are interested,
we offer a free counselling for personal training and 1 free trial class for
lava studio so feel free to contact us!  



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