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FB Management Inspiration Tour in ASEAN: Malaysia KL Business Session with FITOKIO’s General Manager

Recently, the FB Management Group orchestrated an impactful business session and tour, providing business owners from Japan with a unique opportunity to explore the markets of Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Conducted by seasoned Japanese instructors, the session addressed the specific interests of participants and offered firsthand experiences of the diverse business landscapes in these countries. Beyond business insights, the tour included cultural exploration through local cuisine and networking opportunities with active Japanese instructors in the ASEAN region.

As part of this immersive tour, participants had the privilege of visiting FITOKIO on February 29th. Our General Manager, Daisaku Yoshimura, not only hosted the entrepreneurs but also provided an exclusive tour of our studio. During this visit, Mr. Yoshimura shared valuable insights into the FITOKIO business, offering a glimpse into its progress and success.

In his enlightening speech, Mr. Yoshimura shared his journey as a Japanese executive, even before FITOKIO, with extensive international experience, thriving on a deep understanding of global markets. His career in Southeast Asia began in 2009 with his entry into the Singaporean recruitment company, Good Job Creations Singapore Pte Ltd. Within two years, he successfully transformed the company’s performance from a deficit to a surplus. In 2017, after the acquisition of Malaysia’s Asia Recruit Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Mr. Yoshimura relocated to Malaysia, playing a pivotal role in establishing the Japan Desk.

In 2022, Mr. Yoshimura assumed the role of the local director for FITOKIO (TAC & IDCJ Wellness Sdn Bhd), opening the first Japanese-capital fitness club in Malaysia in April of the same year. The club has since flourished, attracting over 1,000 visitors monthly. Juggling FITOKIO’s management, Mr. Yoshimura serves as an advisor at Asia Recruit for recruitment and as a consultant at MBizPlanner, aiding small and medium-sized enterprises entering the market. In addition, he personally oversees his own design production company, Rice Concept.

With this background and experience, he delivered a speech to Japanese entrepreneurs seeking opportunities to expand their businesses in ASEAN countries. The event was a resounding success, combining business insights, cultural exploration, and an exclusive look into the thriving FITOKIO business. Participants left inspired and equipped with valuable knowledge for their business ventures.

Writer: Zoe Horikawa



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