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Embrace Nature’s Serenity with the ‘By The Lake’ Luxe Pillow from BUTLER Shop

BUTLER Shop has collaborated with THEWEBABY to craft the ‘By The Lake’ Luxe Pillow, combining nature’s serenity with home comfort. This eco-friendly pillow, adorned with hand-drawn wildlife, is made from 95% natural bamboo and 5% spandex, ensuring softness, durability, and hypoallergenic properties. Available at for $65.00, it’s designed for all ages, particularly those with sensitive skin. The product is available at

BUTLER Shop, in its latest collaboration with THEWEBABY, proudly presents the ‘By The Lake’ Luxe Pillow, a masterpiece that fuses the tranquillity of nature with unparalleled home comfort. This unique offering emerged from a vibrant design fair, where the alignment of BUTLER Shop’s commitment to exceptional quality met with THEWEBABY’s renowned bamboo fabric wear, recognized for its eco-friendly benefits and superior feel. 

At the heart of this collaboration is a product that not only showcases exquisite craftsmanship but also symbolises a commitment to sustainable quality. Adorned with hand-drawn illustrations of forest wildlife, the ‘By The Lake’ Luxe Pillow transforms each piece into a work of art that invites the serene essence of the outdoors into your home. The choice of materials, 95% natural bamboo and 5% spandex, ensures the pillow not only offers unmatched softness but is also designed to be antibacterial and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for users of all ages, especially those with delicate, sensitive skin. This dedication to premium quality and comfort is something Ting Hui Ng, Head of Products at BUTLER Shop, highlights, “It’s more than just a pillow; it’s a gateway to tranquillity and a tactile experience of nature’s beauty.”

Designed to harmonise with any setting, from a cosy reading nook to an elegant living room or a tranquil bedroom, the pillow, measuring 23 cm in width and 53 cm in length, enriches spaces with a touch of nature’s elegance. Its remarkable softness coupled with its eco-friendly nature reflects BUTLER Shop’s vision of blending comfort with ecological integrity. Ting Hui Ng reflects, “I eagerly anticipate our customers experiencing the deep sense of peace and comfort when they first hold their pillow, offering not just restful sleep but also a delightful retreat from daily life.”

Available for $65.00 at, the ‘By The Lake’ Luxe Pillow represents a forward step in integrating art, comfort, and sustainability into home essentials. This launch is an invitation to explore BUTLER Shop’s curated collection, which includes premium dinnerware, the Classic TENCEL™ bedding set, and an exquisite Reed Diffuser, each designed to elevate living spaces with elegance and a connection to the natural world.

Looking to the future, Ting Hui Ng shares, “I envision BUTLER Shop expanding further, innovating and creating products that exceed our customers’ expectations for quality and eco-consciousness. We aim to reinforce our position as leaders in marrying refined living with environmental responsibility, transforming everyday experiences into enriched living.”

A member of the esteemed BUTLER family, BUTLER Shop was launched in late 2019 to address the market’s need for high-quality, yet accessible home essentials. Known for its unique and exclusive designs, BUTLER Shop is dedicated to elevating everyday living with products that blend exceptional quality, thoughtful design, and accessibility.

For more information on the ‘By The Lake’ Luxe Pillow and to discover the full range of BUTLER Shop’s offerings, visit Take this opportunity to introduce elegance, comfort, and the essence of serene living into your home.



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