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Bridging Luxury’s Last Mile: Discover BUTLER Prestige’s White Glove Service

BUTLER, a leader in luxury lifestyle management, is proud to announce the launch of its White Glove Service under the prestigious BUTLER Prestige division. Aimed at redefining the luxury shopping experience, this service promises to bridge the gap between high-end retail and the comfort of the abode, offering bespoke delivery services that cater to the sophisticated needs of the most discerning clientele.

In the realm of luxury, the journey of a fine item from its boutique origin to the buyer is as important as its craftsmanship. BUTLER Prestige has masterfully developed a bespoke White Glove Service, bridging the last mile from boutique to your doorstep with BUTLER Prestige, delivering the best of luxury shopping right into the comfort of your home.

This service exceeds conventional delivery expectations, offering a groundbreaking approach to acquiring the world’s most sought-after items with unmatched sophistication and attention that sets a new standard.

Poon Da Qian, BUTLER’s visionary CEO shares, “At BUTLER, creating an exceptional shopping experience is something we hold dear. Our personalised White Glove Services are designed to effortlessly connect the final stretch from the boutique to your home with BUTLER Prestige, bringing the heart of the luxury shopping experience right into your living space, thus enhancing your luxury lifestyle.”

The White Glove Service elevates the delivery to a comprehensive luxury experience, from purchase to the client’s reception of the product. It encompasses client-focused consultations, high-end vehicle transport, and elegant presentations by professional BUTLER Lifestyle executives. Partnering with top watches and designer brands, ensuring every aspect of the service is carefully executed, making each delivery exceptional.

BUTLER Prestige offers a range of tailored services to cover all aspects of a luxurious lifestyle, including exclusive shopping experiences and personalised concierge services. This approach guarantees that clients not only receive their items in unparalleled elegance but also enjoy a shopping experience tailored to their unique preferences.

In the dynamic luxury market, BUTLER Prestige leads by blending innovation with timeless craftsmanship and a personal touch. Our dedication to surpassing client expectations ensures a unique journey of elegance and tailored care.

Poon adds, “We envision significant growth in the coming year as more luxury brands and partners aim to elevate their last mile experience for their esteemed clients. Our aspiration is to become the premier choice for white glove service from boutique to abode, bringing the essence of brand representation and experience directly to our clients’ doorsteps.”

The White Glove Service stands as a significant addition to BUTLER’s array of luxury lifestyle services, embodying our dedication to elevating the benchmarks of luxury service and guaranteeing satisfaction for our clients at all interactions. We welcome collaborations with more luxury brands and we warmly invite customers keen on experiencing our White Glove Service to reach out via our website  for more information and to initiate their unparalleled service experience.



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