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Antler-backed venture, SECHA, has forged a strategic collaboration with MRP Premier Group to expand its footprint within Far East Region

Secha Home, a company focusing on innovative solutions for renovating pre-owned homes, has announced a strategic partnership with MRP Premier Group to expand market penetration in the Indonesian property sector. The primary objective is to integrate digital ecosystems and government projects in the Far East region.

SECHA HOME, an Antler-venture backed, specializing in innovative solutions for renovating pre-owned homes, announces a strategic partnership with MRP Premier Group to expand its foothold in the Indonesian property sector. In this dynamic alliance, SECHA leverages its operational license in Indonesia alongside MRP Premier Group’s extensive experience in global real estate. The primary objective of this partnership is to amplify their presence in the Far East region by seamlessly integrating digital ecosystems and government initiatives.

Furthermore, this collaboration entails meaningful dialogues with
governmental figures through the esteemed SSI X network, a pioneering
initiative by The Ministry of Communication and Technology (‘Kominfo’) that
provides a platform for collaborators to actively engage in the nurturing of
founders and digital startups. This ensures that their endeavours not only
align with existing regulations but also address crucial social needs in
Indonesia, hastening the realization of sustainable housing projects.

Josephine Lovensa, Founder & CEO of SECHA HOME, expresses
her enthusiasm, stating, “Through this strategic partnership, SECHA
envisions to exploring collaborative opportunities with SSI X, amalgamating the
prowess of digital startups with government-backed projects. We firmly believe
that by synergizing our strengths, we can pioneer innovation within the
Indonesian property industry, delivering unparalleled value to our

This venture signifies not
only a commitment to transforming the Indonesian housing market but also opens
exciting possibilities for growth and innovation in the United Kingdom’s  real estate market, particularly within the
capital London. Through this collaboration, the entities aim to set new
standards for sustainable and accessible real estate solutions, driving
positive change in both the Indonesian and UK housing markets.

In their flagship endeavour,
SECHA and MRP Premier Group are pioneering the launch of a ground-breaking
Sharia-compliant property investment platform. This innovative initiative aims
to democratize real estate investment by utilising crowdfunding models, making
it accessible to a wider audience.

Notably, this platform will
adhere to Sharia principles, ensuring compliance with Islamic finance
regulations. Moreover, it will facilitate cross-border investment
opportunities, enabling investors to participate in the real estate markets of
both Indonesia and the United Kingdom. This strategic move enhances the
platform’s appeal, providing a unique and inclusive avenue for investors to
engage in ethical, Sharia-compliant real estate ventures across diverse

Mohammed Parekh, Managing
Director of MRP Premier Group, concludes, “The
strategic partnership between SECHA and MRP Premier Group marks not just an
expansion of our business footprint into the exciting real estate market of
Indonesia,  but a reaffirmation of our
shared commitment to enhancing the quality of life through innovative and
sustainable property solutions. This collaboration propels us to redefine
property investment, fostering inclusivity with a Sharia-compliant platform
that ensures equitable access and ethical investment opportunities for



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